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All Prince William Community Members must sign a Volunteer Form required by George Mason University. Please email to obtain your copy.

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One thought on “Our Vision”

  1. Amanda Caswell

June 18, 2014 at 6:35 pm

I stopped by the garden today, and man, am I impressed!!! Gotta love mother nature…she has been kid with the rain! Here is what I found:

1) Tomatoes! We have little green tomatoes and many blooms for more to come. This is when we REALLY have to be diligent about keeping soil moisture levels consistent as they grown and start to ripen. I would say mid-late July we will have LOTS to give away.

2) Muskmelons have taken off. We have lots of strong blooms and they are really vining strong. We might need to try to reposition the vines (just lift the vines and redirect them) if they start running toward the tomatoes.

3) Watermelons seem to be a little slow. It might be all of the rain. As the sky dries up this week we might see them start to grow more. Not sure if they are going to be productive for us.

4) Egg Plants: This is a learning lesson for us…the Flea Beetles enjoyed a tasty meal on them. Very common in Virginia and we have no leaves on our egg plants. They are done. I will probably just pull them next week. I did get an onion set that I could put into that space.

5) Lettuce is ready to pick! If we don’t pick some of it soon it is going to bolt and get bitter.