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Graduate and Professional Student Association (GAPSA)

GAPSA logo

The Graduate and Professional Student Association (GAPSA) is a student group at George Mason University, established in 2009. Our goal is to unite graduate students and establish a forum through which graduate and professional students are able to address issues, advocate for the greater good, grow professionally, and socialize with one another.

We wish to create a stronger graduate community that promotes personal, professional and academic success. GAPSA recognizes that enriching graduate student life at George Mason University can improve the prestige of the University as well as school/life balance for all graduate and professional students. Our goal is to enrich the academic and social life for all graduate and professional students thereby enriching GMU as a whole.

Get involved on your campus by being an academic delegate. Help share the voice of graduate students and make a difference at George Mason University. Delegates are no longer elected, they are appointed and can come from any academic department. To keep updated on social events and GAPSA’s initiatives, visit gapsa.gmu.edu.