Who We Are

University Life, in accordance with its mission, values, and goals, strives to enhance students’ in and out of class experience; facilitate interaction with faculty, staff, and other students; and help each student find their place in the Mason community.

University Life offices at Science and Technology Campus include:

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Career Services

Location: Katherine G. Johnson Hall, Room 122

Hours: Walk-In (see below)

  • February 11 (2PM-4:30PM general career counseling; 4:30-5:30 resume workshop)
  • March 18 (2PM-5PM)
  • April 15 (2PM-5PM)

Email: careers@gmu.edu

Phone: 703-993-2357

Website: careers.gmu.edu

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Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Location: Colgan hall, Room 229G (Student Health Services office)

Hours: Monday and Thursday (9:30AM-4:30PM) by appointment

Phone: 703-993-2380

Website: caps.gmu.edu


Disability Services

Location: Colgan Hall, Room 202

Hours: By appointment only

Phone: 703-993-2474

Website: ds.gmu.edu



Student Health Services

Location: Colgan Hall, Room 229

Hours: Monday and Thursday 8:30am – 4:30pm, (closed during summer sessions)

Spring 2020 hours begin 1/23 at 11AM.

Phone: 703-993-8374

Website: shs.gmu.edu

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Student Support and Advocacy Center

Location: Student Union Building 1 (SUB 1), Suite 3200, Fairfax Campus

Hours: By appointment only

Phone: 703-993-3686 

24-hour Sexual and Intimate Partner Violence Crisis Line: 703-380-1434

Fairfax Sexual Assault Services: 703.993.9999

Website: ssac.gmu.edu

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The office of Student Support and Advocacy Center (SSAC) serves as the central resource for assisting students who are encountering barriers to their academic success and personal growth. The office connects students with appropriate Mason and off-campus resources and implements action plans for students in need of intervention, including crisis intervention. Please contact SSAC if you observe behavior that causes concern about a student or other community member’s safety, feel threatened by a student or otherwise notice behavior changes in a student that cause concern.



Writing Center

Location: Robinson Hall B, Room 213, Fairfax Campus

Hours: Virtual Appointments available

Phone: 703-993-1200

Website: writingcenter.gmu.edu


International Programs and Services

Location: Katherine G. Johnson, Room 122

Hours: By appointment only

Phone: 703-993-2970

Website: oips.gmu.edu


Student Involvement

Location: Katherine G. Johnson, Room 122

Phone: 703-993-2909

Website: si.gmu.edu


LGBTQ+ Resources

Location: Katherine G. Johnson, Room 122

Hours: By appointment only. Email lgbtq@gmu.edu to request an appointment.

  • February 24 (10AM – 3:30PM)
  • March 30 (9AM – 5PM)
  • April 20 (10AM – 3:30PM)

Email: lgbtq@gmu.edu

Phone: 703-993-2702

Website: lgbtq.gmu.edu