Welcome to Campus! The Source is open starting January 24 from 11AM to 7PM, Monday through Thursday.

The Source


Student Events

University Life hosts events for students throughout the semester. Our well-being focused event help you succeed as a student and find time to relax and enjoy the on-campus community.

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Hang-out Space

Need a space between classes to study and meet with friends? The Source has comfortable seating and space to spread out.

MindSpa Massage Chair

Book time in our MindSpa and try the free massage chair! There are also yoga mats and space to stretch if you need a restorative break.

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We always have a pot of coffee on! Come by when you need a pick-me-up. We also have a variety of snacks and sodas at various times during the day.


Need a space to eat lunch? Look no further! We have a refrigerator for use during the day and a microwave for heating up your lunch or dinner.

Dry Erase Tables

Work on problems directly on the table! We provide dry erase markers and erasers.