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Meditation Series

Learn about Mindfulness Meditation: history, uses, effects, advantages, theory and practice; learning and experience in two tracks.

Mindfulness Meditation 101

    1. History, types, basic theories and practices
    2. Establishing a practice
    3. Being embodied
    4. Freedom with thoughts
    5. The Challenge of Self-Compassion

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Mindfulness Meditation 201

    1. Advanced theoretical perspectives and practices
    2. Shamatha – Peaceful Abiding
    3. Mindfulness of Emotions
    4. Trauma and Healing
    5. Loving your life and other beings
    6. Vipassana- Insight and Inquiry
    7. Social Meditation 
    8. Responsive meditation

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Facilitating your adventure

Michael Galvin started his dance with Meditation at age 15, when his at-wits-end mother dropped him off at a Transcendental Meditation Center in Haddonfield, New Jersey. After more than a decade of chasing gurus, psychics and healers he was exposed to Nichiren Buddhism by friends from the Los Angeles film and theatre community and chanted the Lotus Sutra for another five years. A move to the East coast brought Michael to the doors of a Jodu Shinshu Pure Land Buddhist Temple, where in the 10 years he spent in that sangha he became a Ministers Assistant, dharma teacher and board president. In the past six years, while studying Mindfulness, contemplative practices and well-being in conjunction with a PhD program at George Mason University he joined the Drikung Dharma Suruya Center sangha. At this Tibetan temple he has been studying Vajrayana, Mahamudra, and meditation under Lama Khenpo Samdup, while undergoing facilitator training on the more Global/American cutting edge with the innovative Buddhist Geeks sangha headquartered in Asheville, North Carolina. Michael has been teaching, speaking about and facilitating mindfulness meditation actively at George Mason University since 2008.