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Achievements, Departments and The Future of the Science and Technology Campus

“The Future is SciTech”

Join us to celebrate the achievements and innovations across our campus!

*This information is current as of 2/15/21

February 5

Castlerock’s Tim Kissler and Stanley Martin Homes’ Truett Young provide an overview of the Innovation Town Center Project that is to be located adjacent to the George Mason Science and Technology Campus. Not only will this project will provide needed shopping, dining and amenity space for the students and faculty of George Mason, it will provide office space and housing opportunities to students and the entire Prince William County community.

February 6

Amy Adams, Executive Director of the Institute for Biohealth Innovation (IBI) and Mason alumna presents about the impactful, innovative research happening on the SciTech campus at Mason to predict, prevent, and treat disease, improve care, and enhance well-being.  Amy also talks about the local life science ecosystem and new opportunities for community, student, faculty, and alumni engagement. To learn more, follow IBI on Twitter @MasonBiohealth.

February 8

The Freedom Aquatic & Fitness Center strongly believes in helping all of our #FreedomFitFamily members find their balance in life to include health and wellness. Our team strives to offer opportunities to fit one’s schedule, lifestyle and needs in every season of life. We are also always offering opportunities to work at our facility to allow our employees to grow in the health and wellness industry.


The team at The EDGE believes in building community and working together. They practice that by providing engaging experiences, whether through leading problem-solving challenges, teaching group development theory, or climbing a 50-foot tower. In this talk, David speaks about how The Edge staff can work with you or your team as well as some of the challenges they lead, a bit of theory behind them, and the 30-acre woods where they work on the Science & Technology campus.

February 9

The Hylton Performing Arts Center on the SciTech Campus, is a vibrant cultural hub of the community. Year after year, the Hylton Center’s stages are filled with first-class performing arts from around the word and around the corner. Join the College of Visual and Performing Arts Dean and Executive Director Rick Davis for a tour of the Center and update on our spring programming.

February 10

Exercise is Medicine (EIM) & The School of Kinesiology

Tammy Rowland, MPH, CHWC, Pn1, Community Care Coordinator/Health and Wellness Coach will be giving a brief overview of the Global Exercise Is Medicine Initiative and how the Freedom Center is implementing EIM at the community level. She will discuss the importance of partnerships within Mason, the outcomes of our preliminary research amid the pandemic, and our goals for the future of the program.


Deb Stroiney, PhD will be discussing the changes in structure to the School of Kinesiology and it’s programs, the department’s use of an advisory board and the need for members, their strong internship program, recent successes, and the promotion and participation in EIM-OC.

February 11

George Squared/Advanced Biomedical Sciences Program
Hear a brief overview of the GeorgeSquared (Advanced Biomedical Sciences) program, a partnership between George Mason and Georgetown Universities that offers a nine-month pre-health preparatory, graduate-level program designed to help qualify students for medical, dental, or other health professional schools.

Virginia Serious Games Institute (VSGI)
“Video Games are big business, but game technology fuels the next generation of education, simulation and training.  Come tour (virtually) the Virginia Serious Games Institute and ask questions about how games are fueling the next wave of learning innovation.”

February 12

The mission of the School of Systems Biology at George Mason University is to provide a research and educational environment that allows integration of the various areas of molecular and cellular biosciences from a systems perspective. The School offers research-based degree programs whose graduates go on to pursue careers in government, private industry, higher education, and health care. Many of the courses are delivered mainly online, allowing students to earn a graduate degree while employed full time.

In this lively session the faculty leads of each of the degree programs will speak to the evolution of each of the programs as well as the research, student learning and experiential opportunities that students are engaged in, and answer questions from session attendees after.

Forensic Sciences: “Bugs, Bones & Botany: Why study human decomposition in forensic science.”

History of SciTech